What Socks Do You Wear with Tactical Boots

No matter how well prepared you may think you are for the field or duty, it’s useless to get the most performant tactical boots if you give no thought on the quality of your socks. Even though getting the right socks isn’t as challenging as choosing your tactical boots, having the right socks on becomes essential when your feet are all sweaty and full of blisters.

Why it’s important to have the right socks for your tactical boots

Socks do have some basic function and the you can tell by the quality of their performances if you got yourself some lemons or not.

Here’s what good quality socks are supposed to do:

  • They protect your boots from your feet.

Even though some may find this a bit weird, socks are made to absorb sweat and oil from your feet, so that boots stay dry and clean. When your feet are all sweaty and wet, the risk for developing some foot diseases or foot odors is quite high.

  • They protect your feet from your boots

Good socks are going to reduce friction, which is the main cause for blisters, chafing and scraps. If you’re wearing the right socks, the tactical boots aren’t going to injure your feet anymore. Thick socks are great for offering the good padding when wearing the rugged military boots.

  • They do increase your comfort

If you choose wisely, your socks are going to insulate against heat loss during the colder seasons. On the other hand, they are also going to improve the air circulation during the summer time, allowing the bad odors to get out from the boots.

What are the most common materials?

Gone are the days when you’d get only the packs of white socks in the discount stores. Good quality socks are made nowadays from various types of fabric.

The most popular natural choices are still cotton, silk and wool. When it comes to synthetic fabrics, spandex, Teflon, Lycra, nylon and polyester are very often used for the socks.

Apart from the material, you also want to take a look at the toe and heels where stronger fibers should be uses. The good socks for tactical boots are made with stretchable fabrics for the top, as they need to keep the socks on pretty tight to the calf. The heavy knits are going to reduce the risk for blisters, whereas the acrylic fibers are going to maintain the socks dry.

What features count on the socks for tactical boots

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to have a slight idea about how the socks for the tactical boots need to be:

  • They should present breathable fabric, no matter what. You want thick material for the cold season and thinner material as it gets warmer outside.
  • The material in the toe and heel should be tough.
  • The top of the sock has to be made with stretchable (but not stretched-out, though) fabric. The perfect sock is going to fit you snugly against calf, but not too tight so that you don’t get your leg irritated.

A good sock is going to feel nice against your skin and you shouldn’t notice it at all when wearing it.

The final thought

Socks do come in size ranges and not specific sizes like boots. Your tactical boot’s size is somewhere in the middle of the sock’s size range. Good socks do stretch, but they’re going to wear out fast if you’re overstretching them. Getting the right size is important and you shouldn’t have problem getting the right sizing.

It’s not a bad idea to get several pairs of socks that vary in thickness so that you can have the right fit in your tactical boots.

Long story short, a good pair of sock is going to keep disease and injury at bay. it’s also able to improve your comfort, no matter if you’re standing or walking around. Don’t get cheap on your socks and keep in mind that even something as simple as a sock can mean the world in the middle of nowhere, when you’re freezing to death.